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Since 2005, USPA Nationwide Security and Firewatch Services has been a leading private security guard firm operating in all 50 states. USPA Nationwide Security’s Fire Watch Services can help you or your organization to stay open when your fire suppression system is down or after fire damage as ordered by an on-duty Fire Marshal.

High-caliber fire watch professionals with a wealth of practical fire suppression experience.

The security landscape has changed, yet our underlying principles have remained the same, and USPA Nationwide Security remains founded upon the expertise and experience of our high-caliber security industry professionals. We’re more than just security guards, bodyguard and fire watch officers. Our security consultants have the ability to create innovative security solutions to diverse challenges.

​Our firewatch services are delivered by a high caliber team of fire watch professionals , supported by first class management team. Our Fire Watch Security Guards have backgrounds as fire fighters, fire safety directors and security officers as well as off duty law enforcement officers.

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From a one-man-show in 2005 in a small apartment on Long Island, to a Multi-Natioal Security Firm (Fire Watch Service) operating in 14 countries and all 50 States, USPA Nationwide Security and USPA International Security will deliver, with tenaticy, precision and effectiveness, usually within minutes, in a way that you will keep you among the ranks of our longstanding, trusted clients and partners, year after year.
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The essential obligation security officers on fire watch is to sound the alert in the event of a fire or smoke condition. Despite the fact that the fire watch is watching for indications of fire or smoke when fire suppression systems are down, their essential obligation is to sound the alarm, so firefighters can deal with the fire. Fire watch frequently utilized in wooded areas where the danger of fires is high (dry conditions, sweltering climate, and so on.) or in modern settings where hot work (welding, metal crushing, and so forth.) is happening. Fire watch is likewise utilized in an emergency situation. Essential Responsibilities and Duties of a Fire and Safety Watch. One of the powerful approaches to control fire risks is to have a fire and security watch. This is a prerequisite when a fire suppression system is regarded as inoperable by a fire marshal. Fire watch is utilized in a territory that does not have programmed fire alarm systems or fire smoke detectors. A trained officer (Fire Watch Security Guard), who must have fire suppression gear with them, conducts the fire watch. Our certified fire watch officers are prepared and experienced in giving emergency fire watch to organizations that are having issues with their present fire suppression system. On the off chance that there is a fire alarm, sprinkler or standpipe out of service, a firewatch  guard must be available to perform fire watch duties. Fire marshals and insurance agencies necessitate that Fire Guards be prepared and authorized to work in private or business structures. A fire watch security guard's job in certain emergency circumstances is dictated by the business or customer and ought to be reported before the firewatch security guard starts to work at the site. On account of a fire, the Fire Watch security guard might be required to actuate the fire alert and contact the fire department.Other Firewatch Positions-Fire Safety Director Requirement of a Fire Safety Director: These are prerequisites that should be met. To qualify you should be no less than 18 years of age. You should have 5 years of pertinent involvement in fire suppression, building services, or a mix of both, or 3 years of experience under the watchfulness of the Fire Department in Charge of Licensure. Duties of these occupations include: Fire Guard, Building Engineers, Security in the event that you had fire unit obligations.
If you qualify, you, need to take a Fire Safety Director course by a licensed school and pass their test. The course as a rule comprises of 20 hours of instructional preparing and 2 hours of hands-on work. Subsequent to finishing and passing the school you at that point can take the Fire Safety Director composed with a base score of 70%. When you pass this test you get a certificate of completion and you can function as a Fire Safety Director. Fire Watch Services for:Hotel Fire Watch, Private Buildings Firewatch, Places of business, Distribution Center Fire Watch Services Firewatch services with 24/7, Live Dispatch in each of the 50 States.

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