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Bodyguard Service Miami, Florida (FL)
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How to Hire a Miami Florida Bodyguard Service

At USPA International Security, we get calls all of the time from people who are looking to hire a bodyguard in Miami FL, but sometimes the role of a bodyguard is misunderstood by the potential client. Usually a bodyguard, as depicted in a movie can single-handedly dispatch a group of attackers, with little to no effort. However, in real life, a bodyguard, known in the industry as executive protection agent or close protection operator, is much more of a person who works on a team to prevent an attack, a kidnapping, etc. The work of a bodyguard consists of route planning, pre-searching areas and providing static security guard services prior to the arrival of the principal, which may be in fact be - you. The principal is known in the industry as the person being guarded, or protected from a known threat or from unknown threats. In a lone formation, which most people see in Hollywood movies, a single bodyguard is protecting a person. What you don’t see is the advance work that a bodyguard does such as researching the backgrounds of the people who have contact with the clients, researching the principal’s background to understand their political affiliations and possible threats, searching vehicles and planning routes, looking for a choke points and other situations which may arise while escorting the principal during their tour of duty.

At USPA Unternational Security, the role of our Miami Florida bodyguards is usually as a security team member on what is known as a close protection team. The principal may never see the work of some of the team members, because some of them are drivers, team leaders and part of ancillary services which support the close protection team. In high-risk zones, we provide pathfinding services, surveillance and countersurveillance utilizing hardened vehicles which we describe as the limo, even though the vehicle may not resemble a limousine. The limo is known as the vehicle that the principal is located in. In high-risk zones, our vehicles are equipped with ballistic glass and armor reinforcement to protect the principal from gunfire, run-flat tires to allow driving a limited distance if there is damage to the tires additional batteries and other systems in place to harden the limo.

Our close protection teams or Miami FL bodyguards , move in escort formations and they are designed to provide maximum protection, utilizing the security team as cover for the principal. Call us today to find out more about our close protection and bodyguard services that we offer in 14 countries. USPA International Security of Miami FL has been providing the services with more than 3000 security contractors since 2005.

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